A Stamped Concrete New Jersey Could Help You

  • If you've ever stepped into a backyard and been greeted by more than the usual concrete pool patio, but instead something that looks as if it were custom made with high end stonework, chances are you were looking at stamped concrete.

    If you're ever seen a nice fountain display surrounded by stonework etched with patterns and designs, yes, chances are you were looking at stamped concrete.

    Also known as patterned or imprinted concrete, stamped concrete New Jersey is popping up almost everywhere you look, and with good reason: it looks great!

    Concrete has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Romans used it. Stamped concrete relies on that tried and true technology, but gives it a modern flair. We've all seen people carve their name in wet concrete. Stamped concrete operates with a similar concept, but in a far more elegant way.

    The beauty of stamped concrete is that it is an inexpensive way to get a look that used to require a huge investment and a lot of man hours. Stamped concrete in NJ is quick and easy, and begins with the designers or consumer choosing a design.

    Designs can range for faux block - anything from "cobblestones" to intricate stonework is possible - to artistic and ornamental designs and patterns. Your choices are limited only by your imagination.

    Once you have a design, concrete is poured. This is little different than any other concrete project, with forming boards used to frame out the sidewalk, patio, or other structure being created.

    You may also want to think about color. Stamped concrete has the benefit of being able to use a wide array of dyes and coloring, allowing you to mimic just about any kind of stonework you can imagine. Whether you plan to do highly colorful and artistic designs or merely want to mimic the look of a more expensive kind of stonework, you can accomplish it with imprinted concrete.

    Stamped concrete in NJ is used in a wide variety of places. In a residential setting, you'll find it used in sidewalks and walkways; patios; pool decks; around decorative ponds; on porches; on driveways; and as part of a larger landscaping design.

    Businesses use stamped concrete to make the concourse leading to their front doors look great or to stamp their logo onto their walkway. A college campus may feature imprinted concrete around fountains and ponds, around benching and other outdoor areas where people gather, and more. Historic sites may also use it to dress up their gardens, walkways, and so on.

    Considering the low cost and nearly infinite options when it comes to design, not to mention the flexibility and ease of installation, it's little surprise that imprinted concrete is one of the fastest growing segments of the home and landscaping design industry.

    For more information on Stamped Concrete, visit the Stamped Concrete Association of America website, or call the official Stamped Concrete Hotline, available 24 hours a day for homeowners, business owners or contractors who need answers to their stamped concrete questions.